You have asked and I have listened

this is why I have begun the podcast series

"The Space Now"  

Celeste is a teacher of self knowledge. The insights that she shares are very helpful with practical suggestions tailored toward your well-being. The gain is a focused awareness bringing clarity and recognition to begin actualizing your long term goals and success, to assist in transforming your life. Celeste has over 35 years in corporate, holding executive positions and understanding the demands of the business world when her clients face complex issues there.

Her guidance is loyal and acted upon by insightful people from all over the world. Celeste is known as one of today's first and most authentic women pioneers of spirituality, self understanding in its purest and truest form.

 Jai Mala Rose  was founded by Celeste along with her son Jonathan four years ago.  It was during that time she was dealing with health issues. Inspiration came. “Go buy roses, you will make beads. Using only the finest rose petal beads and water, the creative designs come on their own. Her hands are the tools and her intuition guides this free flowing creativity to manifest some of the most beautiful, fragrant beads in the world. All hand-crafted by Celeste whose artistry is inspired by each individual wearer. 





                                              Photograph by Charles Chessler Photography

                                              Photograph by Charles Chessler Photography