Praise for Celeste

"It is a rare and fortunate happening in life to find a co- traveler along the path to personal freedom who embodies true understanding. I have known Celeste since her adolescence at which time her intelligence and insight were already manifest. Her life’s decision to unburden herself from the egoic myth sprang from that insight. In the truest tradition of advaitic transmission of the TRUTH, she has given willingly of herself in direct teaching and in publishing her book, “You Are You: Your guide to Freedom from Stress.” Celeste’s understanding has matured into a complete grasp of the mental mechanisms behind the illusion that is our suffering; that of the separate self. She offers you the opportunity to see that there is only the “ONE UNIVERSAL SELF” moving you down that path of understanding which is your best hope for true peace and equanimity. Few can direct that attention to the understanding that thought patterns and concepts falsely taken for the “ME” are at the root cause of our anxieties and pain. Be heartened there are such people as Celeste."

Joseph Ramieri, M.D. 

"Before Celeste did my natal chart for me, I had already had one done, which was interesting enough. Celeste, however, went above and beyond. The insight she gave me went well beyond anything I would have expected. Sometimes, you need someone to hold a mirror up to you to help realize your strengths and weaknesses, and to know that you're on the right path, while helping you to know what you're wasting your energy on. I can honestly say that my reading with Celeste Onorati was a life affirming, inspiring experience, that I will treasure and continue to receive guidance from it for years to come."

Tara Storozynsky

"Celeste is a fantastic, highly skilled astrologer. She's the best I've ever had and I've had a lot of readings! Not only does she explain your birth chart in detail, she jumps from past to future seamlessly to give the full context of who you are and what your lifetime is all about. Not only is she an amazing astrologer, but she is psychic! She was saying things out loud that were small thoughts in my subconscious. I couldn't recommend Celeste highly enough!"

Alison Bryce

"I worked with Celeste at a time of great change and lots of trauma in my life. Her wisdom and strength gave me the guidance and clarity I needed. Celeste is compassionate but direct in her approach which I loved. I feel at time of great change in life it's best to be supported by a genuine and honest soul who will speak truthfully about what is happening. Thanks you for everything you wise and beautiful woman."

Aga Makowiecka - Yoga Teacher - Sydney Australia.

"Celeste is a real gem. She's intuitive, highly intelligent, sensitive and shares her heart. I was introduced to Celeste at a transitional time in my life, I had no working exposure to astrological readings, was reluctant, yet my intuition kicked in and I listened to her. The information which she imparted to me proved to be invaluable. It allowed me to plan and move forward accordingly. It allowed me a freedom that only knowledge can provide, which in turn, allows imagination and creativity room to grow. That's not to say that I grasped it all immediately, yet I knew that there was something to it, something to be regarded. Knowing one's strengths and possible pitfalls is not to be taken lightly. I have no reservation in referring Celeste. Love this woman!"

Catherine Chadwick


"I typically avoid astrological readings as I found that many astrologers have a knack for telling you... "You're screwed. The Stars say so." Celeste's readings, on the other hand, are both astrological and intuitive. She offers insights and solutions! This allows the person being read to be aware, patient and creative in their life. The two readings I've had with her have been wildly helpful and supportive! Her 'straight talk' means that an hour with her is worth at least two with any other astrologer I've ever known! She's kind and nurturing, supportive and encouraging, direct and accurate! I'm so deeply grateful for Celeste and the wisdom and real help I've received from her!!!"

Jessica M

"It was the end of a numbing chapter when I crossed paths w Celeste Onorati. That brutal NY winter I experienced heart break, letting go of many layers I had been shedding, including a job which expiration date had run it's course. We met through a mutual friend at a photo shoot where Jai Mala Rose's jewelry was being featured and I was creating the hair and makeup looks. Although there were others in the room, I felt a strong magnetic pull towards Onorati. I was in a dark and frustrated part of my personal journey when Onorati shared her light and wisdom with me. "Just as a tree continues to grow it's branches around any obstacle; is just as much potential and flexibility you need to grow around. Be like the tree." My eyes watered as I felt the peaceful energy take over as her words soothed these layered wounds. "Everything is going to work out, be patient it's coming." I thanked her as I wiped my tears & realized there was more to this conversation and realization of this magnetic pull towards her light. Like a stubborn child craving the indulgence of wanting to unlock a treasure chest, I realized that Onorati's enlightenment was going to help me find that key again. As the creative shoot went on, I find myself retouching Faustina's makeup in a bathtub while Audrey's shooting above water to capture Jai Mala Rose's hand crafted jewels on Faustina's hands. My phone rings, it's a NY number, they called me from MAC cosmetics to congratulate me on officially joining it's freelance team! As surreal as it sounds, I felt the tears of joy consuming my eyes and face. I ran over to the bathroom and shared my experience w my creative team and hugged Celeste w so much excitement and gratitude. Since then, Onorati has earned a level of respect and admiration from my behalf. The level of clarity she has shared through some of my darkest steps really helped me conquer numerous trials and tribulations. I am eternally grateful that the universe placed her in my path bc I know her gifts allow her to be the eyes and ears to so many of us searching to reach out highest potential in the direction of our personal paths. It was an honor for her to ask me to write a review for her now growing website. I highly recommend everyone to be receptive to the level of guidance Celeste has to offer."

Love and light,

”Working with Celeste was a wonderful experience. Understanding certain tendencies that were in my chart deeply relaxed something within my being and helped me accept certain aspects of myself that I had resisted for years. I found this to be liberating. Working with her brings a self acceptance that can only deeply enhance your experience of life. I recommend her highly to both friends and clients.”

Michelle Colt, National Workshop Leader and Coach - Los Angeles, CA

“I was on the verge of a huge change in my life and my world as I knew it was coming to an end when I had my first in-depth conversation with Celeste. From the moment I sat down with her, an overwhelming feeling of relief washed over me and I felt light - spiritually and physically. Extremely intuitive and armed with the precision of astrology, Celeste has a way of looking deep into the core of the true YOU, sensing your fears, anticipating your next question before you even ask it; to create clarity and make sense of the seeming chaos and confusion within you. I felt it. And it felt empowering. And it felt like a guide was sent to me when I needed it most. So, thanks to her, I moved on... comfortable with the changes in my life and a strong sense of inner peace."

"Observe" is one of the first things Celeste said to me - and since then, it has been one of the most important lessons I learned from her. I didn't quite understand what she meant by it at first, but it felt right. With time, and further meetings with her, I got it! After spending time with her and listening to her teachings, you'll feel like you are on an exploration; a journey, and you're given a compass, which helps you navigate through your true nature fearlessly. Finding out who you are and what the *bleep* you are doing on Earth, has never been more fun!

If you let her, Celeste will be your Soul Sherpa so you rarely feel lost again in the ever-raging hurricane of contrasting feelings, ego, fears and confusion. She is one of today's first and most authentic women pioneers of spirituality in its purest and truest form.

Thank you, Celeste, for being such an amazing teacher, counselor, host, friend, mother figure, guide, heavenly astrologer - all at the same time! The road is never easy, but walking it with you by my side has been pure bliss.”

Tonka Dobreva


"Live in the moment. Let it go. Reality. Duality. Listen. Energy. Simple.

These words came tough to me. I laughed. I cried. I was angry. I was depressed. I was afraid. How could someone come to me and tell me to just let it go? To me, it was just too many emotions to just set free like a handful of balloons. But it was just what I did.

I met Celeste when I was in my early twenties. I admired life in her eyes and her presence around people was unprecedented. I needed to know what it was that made this woman so powerful. Powerful was the only way to describe this woman's presence. I was about find out how powerful she really is.

Do you understand what I am telling you? The infamous line Celeste had for me after each little session she and I had. In the beginning she related her teachings to real world situations and then slowly went beyond reality. Celeste showed me the true meaning of reality. Reality is what you make it to be as a person, as an individual, with your own thoughts and feelings.
"You have to take the good with the bad..." Sound familiar? You and I live this everyday but I truly believe that without this duality of life, there would be no true appreciation for living in the moment. Night and Day. Happy and Sad. Man and Woman. Sun and Moon. Coincidence that the very components of life we are made up have their own duality about them. Life was created to have duality. How do you find this balance? I realized I have found balance when I was able to see that even though the moon and sun are two total different aspects of creation that could not be more opposite yet one shining off the other makes them beautiful together. That beauty is the balance they have.

Celeste has always had an open door for everyone. Always ready and willing to unleash what you already have inside you dying to get out. I equate it to learning to ride a bike. She gives you the bike, the helmet and she stands behinds you and pushes. Anyone learning to ride a bike knows that you have to have great trust in the person behind you to make sure they will be there to guide you if you go down. It’s that very trust that you will learn will grow in your own ability. You learned that after awhile you ride all by yourself and the person running behind you guiding you isn’t there anymore and you didn’t even know it. Believe in yourself and your ability to make a difference in your own life. You will leave a big impression on people that want to know how you do that.”

Doug Maresca, 1976 - 2011