Your First Session

During your first session Celeste will look at your natal chart and gently walk you through the favorable and unfavorable aspects you have to work with from past to current and future.  The birth chart shows our potentials and tendencies based on what we have inherited in this lifetime. In future readings she looks at the relationship between your natal chart and what is happening in the celestial sphere at the time which enables you to direct the different energies and situations that are arising. 

 Session Requirements

You will need to supply Celeste with your Birth Day, Month, and Year as well as the City and State or Country, plus the EXACT TIME you were born to the minute.
You MUST call Vital Statistics in the state you were born in to find out how to proceed to get your correct birth certificate.
If you cannot find the exact time of your birth, here are a few recommendations:  If this time cannot be found Celeste will caste a sunrise chart, where your Sun sign would also be your rising sign.

All sessions are recorded and you will receive the mp3 file for download



All session must be paid in advance. Celeste has to prepare your birth chart prior to the session and this confirms you on her calendar.  Please see below for explanation of available sessions and availability.