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Each of us has everything we need within


Featured Event

ABC Home: "all that glitters..."


VIP Jewelry Event: December 12, 7-9 pm


As part of their VIP jewelry event, ABC Home will be featuring 5 new males from Jai Mala Rose. Join us for cocktails, music and raffles in this meet-the-designer event.




to help develop the faculty from within; to maintain presence in this busy, noisy world.


The Space Now


A series of podcasts that will help you better understand the pathway of your evolution.

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Jai Mala Rose

Bespoke Luxury Malas

One-of-a-kind, handmade, using roses and water only. No chemicals or sealants used. 



Counselor and Teacher

Celeste will gently walk you through the tendencies you've inherited in this lifetime.