Photo - Charles Chessler Photography

Celeste Onorati's essence is interwoven with the timeless wisdom of astrology and Eastern philosophies, creating a symphony of guidance that resonates across the globe. With over three and a half decades of impassioned teaching, she has graced international stages, from keynote speaking engagements to in-depth conferences, sharing her profound insights and transformative teachings with a diverse array of souls.

Her legacy is a testament to her ability to bridge the mystical with the tangible, leading seekers and leaders alike through the cosmic dance of life. Celeste’s voice has been a clarion call for empowerment, inner peace, and enlightenment, shaping the journeys of those who have sought her wisdom in every corner of the world.

The depth of Celeste’s astrological expertise is reflected in her chart interpretations, which are far more than mere readings—they are powerful gateways to self-knowledge and destiny. Her sessions unveil the intricate tapestry of the stars, offering an array of services that cater to the individual, community, and organizational levels. Through her personalized approach, Celeste not only maps the heavens but also provides a compass for navigating the complexities of the human experience.

Celeste's offerings are a celestial array, each service designed to align with the unique vibrational frequency of the client. Whether it is a natal chart revealing the soul's blueprint, a solar return chart forecasting the personal year ahead, or ongoing guidance for those on a path of self-realization, her work is tailored to foster growth, balance, and clarity.

The sacred art of mala making is another facet of Celeste’s spiritual practice, with each bead rolled as an embodiment of meditation and prayer. Her "Essence of Oneness" and "Triad Rose Mala" are not only beautiful pieces of jewelry but also companions for meditation and reflection, carrying the vibrational essence of the divine.

Celeste’s impact as an artist, author, floral designer, and certified Horary Astrologist is multilayered, imbued with a commitment to imparting her wisdom and fostering connection. 

Her mission is to serve as a conduit of the ancient teachings, helping individuals and organizations harmonize with the universal rhythms and find their place within the celestial weave.

As a global teacher, Celeste has illuminated the path for many, guiding them to discover their North Star and dance to the rhythm of their highest potential. Her story is one of continuous inspiration, beckoning you to join her in the sacred dance with the cosmos that awaits us all.

Rose Bead Mala, The Artist

In the tapestry of life, every thread holds a story, and Celeste Onorati weaves a tale of resilience, cosmic guidance, and transformative artistry. A challenge presented itself in 2011 when a physical setback left Celeste navigating the world on crutches for two years. It was a period that beckoned her to delve deeper into herself, seeking solace and answers not in the external whispers of the world, but in the silent, profound conversations of her meditation sessions.

Asking the cosmos the purpose behind her struggle, Celeste received her answer not in words, but in a calling: she was drawn to the garden, a space of natural serenity and life, where she was to gather roses. This simple yet profound act was the genesis of a healing journey, where the very process of creating rose petal beads became a meditation, a transformative conduit of love, and a deepened connection to the universal creative force.

Each bead, hand-crafted and birthed from this period of introspective transformation, is more than an object of beauty; it's a fragment of Celeste's soul, a testament to her journey from the depths of questioning to the heights of spiritual understanding. They are the embodiment of her dialogue with the cosmos, each piece a unique art form guided by celestial whisper

For those fortunate enough to collect her work, there's an intimate sense of shared journey and spiritual connectivity, as if each mala is imbued with a message meant specifically for its bearer. Celeste's creations are not merely worn; they are experienced, serving as sacred companions to celebrities and spiritual leaders worldwide. These influential individuals are drawn to the sincerity of Celeste's craft, finding in her pieces a resonance that transcends the physical form, echoing the same cosmic guidance that initiated her journey.

Today, Celeste Onorati stands as a beacon in the mystical artistry realm, her life and work a continuous, harmonious dance with the cosmos, ever-listening, ever-creating, with her hands, her heart, and an unwavering faith in the transformative power of love and intention.