Each bead in the mala is a labor of love and meditation, hand-rolled from fresh rose petals with nothing but water, preserving their natural grace and inherent imperfections. This process is as pure as the intentions behind it, free from any chemicals, fragrances, or sealants. It's here, in this devotion to authenticity, where the mala whispers its first secrets. Every inch steeped in a tradition of mystical artistry, born from hands that have dedicated years to the meticulous crafting of these sacred pieces. To wear it is to carry a piece of that journey, a touchstone to remind you of the beauty woven into existence when the cosmos speaks in colors, shapes, and the silent language of intention.

"There are no words to describe how blown away I am by these beads! Thank you so much for putting so much love and beautiful energy into my piece. I did my first transcendental meditation today using the beads and I went deeper into my meditation faster than ever before. The energy buzz I felt coming out of the meditation was like nothing I have felt before. Thank you again for your work. It's truly a blessing to own these amazing beads. I can't wait to start building my connection to them. You are extremely talented! "~Alex Rose

Mala Care and Maintenance

Your custom rose petal bead mala is one-of-a-kind. Each bead is unique with natural imperfections and is hand-rolled using only fresh rose petals and water. There are no chemicals, fragrances, or sealants used in the process.When worn or handled, rose petal beads become smooth and polished and retain their scent. They will last for many years to come.Never wear them while showering, swimming, or sealing in plastic. Celeste's mala's are worn by celebrities and spiritual leaders around the world!