“It is a rare and fortunate happening in life to find a co-traveler along the path to personal freedom who embodies true understanding. I have known Celeste since her adolescence at which time her intelligence and insight were already manifest. Her life’s decision to unburden herself from the egoic myth sprang from that insight. In the truest tradition of advaitic transmission of the TRUTH, she has given willingly of herself in direct teaching and in publishing her book, “You are You: Your guide to Freedom from Stress. “Celeste’s understanding has matured into a complete grasp of the mental mechanisms behind the illusion that is our suffering; that of the separate self. She offers you the opportunity to see that there is only the “ONE UNIVERSAL SELF” moving you down the path of understanding which is your best hope for true peace and equanimity. Few can direct that attention to the understanding that thought patterns and concepts falsely taken for the “ME” are at the root cause of our anxieties and pain. Be heartened there are such people as Celeste.”

 ~Joseph Ramieri, M.D.


"A few years ago, I was introduced to Celeste. She read my solar return chart for the 1st time and the information she provided was so unbelievably accurate and powerful, that I have gone back to her every year since. Not only does Celeste explain how our specific astrology is helping to provide our life's path and purpose, but she also provides insight to those trying to figure out and understand the "why". Positive energy and life changing information is what you can expect when getting a reading with Celeste. Very grateful."



"Before Celeste did my natal chart for me, I had already had one done, which was interesting enough. Celeste, however, went above and beyond. The insight she gave me went well beyond anything I would have expected. Sometimes, you need someone to hold a mirror up to you to help realize your strengths and weaknesses, and to know that you're on the right path, while helping you to know what you're wasting your energy on. I can honestly say that my reading with Celeste Onorati was a life affirming, inspiring experience, that I will treasure and continue to receive guidance from for years to come."

~Tara Storozynsky


"Celeste is a fantastic, highly skilled astrologer. She's the best I've ever had and I've had a lot of readings! Not only does she explain your birth chart in detail, she jumps from past to future seamlessly to give the full context of who are are and what your lifetime is all about. Not only is she an amazing astrologer, but she is psychic! She was saying things out loud that were small thoughts in my subconscious. I couldn't recommend Celeste highly enough!"

~Alison Bryce


"I am both an astrology student of Celeste's as well as a loyal client. I highly recommend her readings. She has the unique capability to integrate the complexities of astrology into a clear and concise message that will amaze you. Additionally, her intuition is brilliant and she is able to perceive important details that can guide you making important life decisions and help navigate your journey forward."

~Rachel Goering


My sister, Cira Felina Bolla, was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer in the beginning of 2013. The type of [breast] cancer that she was diagnosed with was considered "rare," meaning that only 10% of women had it. It was caused by a mutated gene, which made chemotherapy and other common Western treatments, out of the question. Using alternative treatments, Cira was able to bounce back to (almost) full health, and go from stage 4 to stage 2 cancer. 
I traveled to Spain for several months to pursue a teaching opportunity, and during that time my sister and I kept each other updated daily on our lives. We would share recipes, love antidotes, and random daily happenings which inspired us. She was doing better than I had seen her do in over ten years. She was happy, vibrant, and charging at life each day with renewed vitality and force.

 In February, I received word that her cancer had once again resurfaced, and this time it had spread to areas that were more compromising. A year to date had elapsed since her initial diagnosis, and this time the results were far worse. In early March of 2014 my sister was told that she had ten tumors present in her brain, and since they were "scattered" all over, the only option she had was full brain radiation. She refused, and even laughed at the idea. "If I'm going to die, I'm going to do it MY way," she said to her doctor. That was Cira. If something was going to happen to her in life, she was going to make it her own and take control of it. I flew home to be with her during this transitional period. I didn't know what to expect, or how to deal with what was to come. Over the course of two weeks, I saw her physical condition worsen dramatically.
The day before she passed away, I lied in bed with her and enveloped myself in her arms, taking in her warm embrace. Since she had lost her ability to speak, I would read her eyes and respond accordingly. I told her how much I loved her, and gave her permission to leave her physical body. I felt the energy shifting in the room, and knew that a change was very near. On March 25th, 2014, my sister and I held hands, and stared at each other pensively. I smiled for her, and she let a tear drop from each eye before exhaling her last breath and joining the spirit world. As I looked around my sister, I realized she had died the way SHE wanted to, on her own terms. She was in the comfort of her own home, surrounded by her closest friends,  candles of all sorts, incense, and dozens of roses - which were her favorite flower.
Immediately after she passed, candles were lit in all corners of the room, and her favorite music was played. I washed her body in rose petal water, and decorated her in rose petals. I know I honored her body and her spirit as best I could, by ensuring that she was as beautiful in death as she was in life. Over the course of 3 days, her body remained ornamented in rose petals, and surrounded by an array of candles in all four cardinal directions.
With the rose petal crown that I had given her, she looked like the Frida Kahlo of death. She was a work of art, and that was always her intention.
My sister and were extremely close. She was 19 years older than me, and raised me as both her sister, a mother, and a best friend. We were each others soul mates, and we always spoke about how unconditional our love was for one another. "Do you know know how much I love you?" I would ask. To which Cira would reply, "To the moon and back." That's right Cira, to the moon and back.
After my sister's passing, I reached out to Celeste to share this experience with her. Two days later, I shipped all the roses that were on and around my sisters body.
While my sister was still alive, I was wearing another rose mala that Celeste had given me months prior. Every time my sister saw it, she would point and say "I want my own, tell her I want one. Can I have one?" I ended up letting her wear mine, because she was so persistent every time she saw it on me! Cira, you finally have your own... and it's as beautiful as you could've ever wanted it to be!
Thank you Celeste, for creating the most beautiful rose mala which honors Cira's spirit in every way, and thank you for making it possible for me to hold her close to me every day. My sister had a radiant personality. She was an eternal optimist, who was able to transmute positivity and love to anyone that she embraced. That was her gift. Every day that I wear this mala I will think of her, and use it to tap into her creativity and love. We love you, and we love our mala! Isabelle written, Cira approved.
~Isabelle Bolla
I wanted to share this beautiful story from my client, Alicia. You can visit my posts/videos before and after I restrung Alicia's Mala on Instagram titled The Restrung Mala, the story of love and intuition. The little girl Celeste that she speaks about is not me. Amazing, the connection here! As I was restringing her mala, my instinct told me to add 2 garnets to the mala without telling her. It was my gift to Alicia.

Here is Alicia's story.
"Georgi and I were lovers in 1989- 1993. She gave me a beautiful gold ring with two heart shaped garnets side by side. When she died suddenly of a drug overdose in January I decided to give the ring to her niece whom we had taken care of together when Celeste was just a little girl. I told Celeste that I wanted her to remember her aunt the way I did. As the sweet young woman who was all heart. Not what happened to her when the drugs took charge.
Celeste was so touched. It was the only memento I had of Georgi and it was hard to part with the ring but I knew Celeste should have it. So since then I have been waiting for the garnets to come to me. I have looked in shops - but none of them were mine.
So when I saw those garnets today I felt Georgi's love and her spirit at peace. I felt her understanding how I loved her deeply and why I gave the ring to Celeste. It came full circle through you. How amazing is that. Please share with anyone and everyone.
I am so blessed and always want to share my blessings with anyone who is open to receiving.
I also want you to know that the message to give the ring to Celeste was a deeply spiritual message. I went to Boston and back for Georgi's memorial because I had to give the ring to Celeste in person. I had to look her in the eyes( she is now a beautiful grown woman! ) and touch her hand. It was very very deep." ~Thank you for being my beautiful messenger today. My goddess.
~Alicia Leed Meyers