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Celeste Onorati



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Natal Chart Reading with Celeste Onorati

Step into the essence of your astral heritage with Celeste's 60-minute Natal Chart Reading. This is no ordinary astrological consultation; it's a deep dive into the soul’s celestial matrix. For those who have yet to unveil the profound narrative written in the stars at their birth, starting with this reading is a journey to the self like no other. Celeste’s interpretation of your natal chart is a multi-layered exploration, revealing not just the roadmap of your character and life patterns but also the untapped potential that awaits your command.
Celeste brings her full presence and expertise into every session, ensuring that you receive the entirety of her wisdom and attention. Her readings delve into the complexities of your planetary alignments, uncovering the harmonies and discords that compose the symphony of your existence. Through her intuitive grasp of the intricate dance of the cosmos, she provides not just information, but transformational insights that resonate with who you are and who you can become.
Investing in a session with Celeste is an investment in yourself. Her detailed and insightful readings are a testament to her unique ability to connect with each individual on a profound level, offering not just astrological guidance but a compass for life itself.

Solar Return Chart Reading with Celeste Onorati

As the sun completes its annual journey back to where it stood at your birth, Celeste’s 60-minute Solar Return Chart Reading offers a forecast of the personal energies and themes that will shape your coming year. This is an insightful and strategic session that goes far beyond the surface to provide a detailed guide for your year ahead.

With each solar return, Celeste brings forth her rich tapestry of astrological knowledge, weaving together the transits, progressions, and the unique aspects of your solar return chart. She offers a layered and nuanced reading that is tailored to empower you with foresight and focus. The insights gained here are meant to light your way through the forthcoming year, helping you align with the cosmic tides and make the most of the opportunities they bring.

Celeste's sessions are an immersive experience, where each minute is packed with depth and meaning. She offers a comprehensive look at the year's potential, yet does so with the precision and clarity that makes the complex accessible and actionable. For those who seek not just to understand but to actively shape their destiny, extending the session can deepen the exploration, ensuring a truly bespoke astrological experience.

Every consultation is a sacred exchange, with the recording of the session provided as a keepsake of celestial wisdom. This is Celeste’s invitation to you: to embrace the revelations of the stars and to move with intention and knowledge through the dance of the coming year.

This session is recorded MP3 and sent to your email for future listening. All sessions on Zoom, FaceTime or Phone.

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