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Celeste Onorati

Earl Grey "The Essence of Oneness" Rose Bead

Earl Grey "The Essence of Oneness" Rose Bead

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Earl Grey, the Grey/Beige Rose: The "Earl Grey" bead is an homage to the equilibrium of life. Its subtle grey/beige tones represent the peaceful journey toward inner harmony, embodying Celeste's guidance towards a tranquil heart and mind.

In the sacred artistry where Celeste's deep devotion intersects with timeless mala creation, emerges the "Essence of Oneness" mala. This exclusive piece features a singular, handcrafted sacred rose bead of your choice, strung on a silk cotton cord in the serene color of moss. Each rose is a celebration of nature's singular beauty and the profound healing it offers.

This mala, 14 inches in length, is a testament to intention and the art of mala making. Selecting your rose invites you into a space where each creation is an intimate and hallowed passage.

The Symbolism of Unity:

The single rose bead is a powerful emblem of unity and the indivisible truth that underpins all existence. It resonates with the concept of monotheism found across various faiths - the oneness of God in Islam, the unified source of all in Judaism, and the undivided nature of reality in Buddhism's Dharma.

Celeste's Artistry:

Crafted with reverence, each rose bead is a silent dialogue with the cosmos, a beloved ritual that Celeste cherishes. These beads are not just elements of adornment; they are fragments of a soul's narrative, tangible expressions of Celeste's profound dialogues with the cosmos. Her malas are to be worn as amulets of personal growth, healing, and a commitment to a life rich with spiritual purpose.

Choosing this mala means embracing a token of Celeste's essence, a solitary companion on your life's odyssey that resonates with the quiet, significant conversations she has shared with the universe and the wisdom distilled from them.


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