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Celeste Onorati

Ivory Vendela Roses with Ethiopian Opals

Ivory Vendela Roses with Ethiopian Opals

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In the quiet space where craftsmanship meets intuition, I have woven together something truly special for you. This hand-knotted 108-rose petal mala, a delicate interplay between the earthly elegance of Vendela Ivory Roses and the celestial glow of Ethiopian Opals, is a testament to more than three decades spent in the sacred practice of creating beauty and meaning.

Each bead in this mala is a labor of love and meditation, hand-rolled from fresh rose petals with nothing but water, preserving their natural grace and inherent imperfections. This process is as pure as the intentions behind it, free from any chemicals, fragrances, or sealants. It's here, in this devotion to authenticity, where the mala whispers its first secrets.

The choice of white roses was no accident. These blooms are narratives in themselves, embodying love, loyalty, and new beginnings. They serve as a reminder to trust your intuition, a compass etched in petals and scent. As these roses guide your spirit, the Ethiopian Opals intertwined among them are sparks from a celestial fire. These stones, resonating with the chakras and blessed by Venus's beauty, encourage the bearer to step into the light of their true self, illuminating the path ahead with originality and creative vigor.

This mala is not just an accessory; it's a spiritual companion. Its dimensions tell a story—22 inches of artistry, followed by a 4.5-inch silk tassel that serves as a tangible reminder of your connection to the earth. From end to end, it measures 26.5 inches, each segment a chapter in a tale of mysticism, devotion, and personal journey.

  • The 8mm rose beads are worlds unto themselves, holding the whispers of a thousand rose gardens.
  • The 4mm Ethiopian Opals are cosmic symphonies captured in stone.
  • The 14 gold spacers of 3mm each are the quiet spaces between breaths, and
  • The tassel's 1cm rose petal bead is the culmination of all the energies,  intentions, and artistry that this mala represents.
Every inch of this mala is steeped in a tradition of mystical artistry, born from hands that have dedicated years to the meticulous crafting of these sacred pieces. To wear it is to carry a piece of that journey, a touchstone to remind you of the beauty woven into existence when the cosmos speaks in colors, shapes, and the silent language of intention.

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