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Celeste Onorati

Onyx and Rose Beads

Onyx and Rose Beads

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In the vast tapestry of existence, where the whispers of the cosmos intertwine with the tangible touch of the earth, this mala stands as a sentinel, a bridge between realms known and unknown. This is a hand-crafted 108 rose bead mala, a symphony of red and pink roses, singing their age-old tales of love, passion, and delicate strength.

Hand-rolled with dedication and an artistry refined over decades, every rose bead in this necklace tells a story — tales of fleeting sunrises, of petals kissed by morning dew, and of the silent promises made under the canopy of twilight. But roses are just half the magic. In this celestial dance, they're accompanied by Black Onyx, shaped like grains of rice, yet holding within them the vastness of the universe.

The Black Onyx, deep and enigmatic, is more than just a stone. It is a guardian. It wraps the wearer in a cloak of protection, shielding from the jarring cacophonies of negativity. It's the very embodiment of strength, grounding the spirit even when storms rage, ensuring focus remains unbroken, unwavering. In life's most turbulent hours, this stone emerges as a beacon, offering solace, understanding, and a resilience that turns adversities into stepping stones.

The beauty of this mala doesn’t stop with the Onyx or the roses. The addition of 14k gold spacers, each reflecting a golden hue, echoes the mala's inherent divinity, adding an ethereal touch. Hand-knotted with precision, every twist and turn of this 28-inch mala is a testament to a craft passed down through generations, refined and perfected with each creation.

But this isn't just a mala; it's an anchor. It grounds those battling inner demons, helping them rise above challenges, be it emotional turbulence or the struggle against addiction. With every bead and knot, it whispers tales of endurance, protection, and the undying strength of the human spirit.

To wear this mala is to be enveloped in an age-old saga of love, protection, and resilience. It's a journey from the earth's passionate heart, through its protective embrace, reaching out to touch the golden fringes of the cosmos. This is not just an ornament; it's a legacy, a blend of the mystical and the earthly, a bridge to the infinite.

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